Wednesday, December 13, 2017

what I want this Christmas

what I want this Christmas
is to not think so much of myself
I want to give something to someone
that can't be given by somebody else
want I want this Christmas
is to pay attention when I see
every star and every light
in every night and Christmas tree

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

dick's song

I buy the best lubricant
I buy the classiest porn
so why oh why
won't you be reborn
when I'm with my girl
I think "oops...surprise!"
you hang like you're sleeping
when I need you to rise

          don't make feel sad
          don't get me mad
          my tears fall like 
          falls like Niagara
          don't fail me so
          I need you to grow
          don't make me break out the Viagra

I handle you gently
I handle you rough
I'm amazed of the joy
from my own human touch
but do you respond
to my not-so-wet dreams?
don't make me resort
to my medical means

          I'm begging of you
          please don't make me blue
          don't make me
          have to nag ya
          I need inner peace
          you're my only release
          don't make me break out the Viagra

Monday, December 11, 2017


I am so pissed off
what I really want to do
is bash my head in

Sunday, December 10, 2017

what you don't remember

what you don't remember
is not proof it didn't happen
there are people who have loved you
that you never even knew
they each had their own rhythm
hands clapping
feet a-tapping
there's been many joyful moments
you didn't know that involved you

Saturday, December 9, 2017

words like water

I want words like water
I want words that 
run downstream constantly
a never-ending supply, 
free of charge
so that I can use the perfect ones
to do my bidding
and serve their purpose

I don't want to weigh
words with any kind of worth
except the ones
that fulfill their potential
(as a guidance counselor would say)

I want words like water
falling from the open sky
into the mouth of the desert

Friday, December 8, 2017


my damn problem is
my own inability
to be someone else

forevermore 4

it's different now
you're on the west side of the river
in a big shiny building
that always looks brand new
winter's coming
it's so cold that I shiver
when I think about the changes
from the world we once knew
still, it might be good to stay friends
maybe go have coffee
like we always did before
but I can tell
those times are at an end
and those days are gone

so much to do
business is, as they say, really booming
it's supply and demand
and you do what you must do
I'd like to tell you
that my life is improving
but looking at me now
you'd know that it's not true
still, it might be good to stay friends
maybe grab a beer
from that fancy import store
but we won't ask questions
confirming where or when
or if those days are gone 

send me a text
let me know where you're living
yeah, time moves on
with new spaces left to fill
I send my best
have fun there in the city
you say we'll see each other 
but I know we never will
still, it might be good to stay friends
we could meet for a bite
at that new place at the shore
sometimes people vanish
like the wind
and you have to move on
old loyalties withdrawn
those days are gone
those days are gone