Thursday, August 3, 2017

glue (another round)

today you are glue
and your only job
is to keep yourself together
take care what you do
and you'll make it through
any kind of stormy weather
          today your emotions
          are not under full control
          pretend you're at the ocean
          don't it feel wonderful

today you are glue
it might be best 
to find yourself a shelter
I'm watching you
as far as I'm concerned
your first name is Elmer

          today those neurons
          are firing like the fourth of July
          I know it's no fun
          so watch Netflix and stay inside

today you are glue
you'll try to mend
the broken pieces
just play it cool
to do what you must do
takes Mohammed Buddha Jesus

          .hide under covers
           if that's what you have to do
           there is no other way today
           so take good care of you
           do what you need to do
           you know it's true
           today you are glue

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