Friday, August 4, 2017

making excuses

lately I spend all my time
making excuses for you
I tell myself reasons
that I know aren't true
maybe you got lost in traffic
maybe your phone doesn't work
maybe your computer is broken
maybe you just think I'm a jerk

it doesn't really matter
whatever you do
I've become an expert
at making excuses for you
I'll forgive your rejections
I'll accept all your lies
I'll conjure up stores
with whatever logic applies

           the truth's right in front of me
           it's true you plainly see
           you're too good for me 
           and my problem is
           I completely agree

but still I waste my time
making excuses for you
seems I don't have the sense
to know when something's through
I hope someday I wake up
with a real point of view
but until that day comes my way
I'll be making excuses for you

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