Friday, July 7, 2017

just in case

I should buy this coffee cup
with the pastel painting
of the state of Mississippi
just in case
I clean this place
and have some people over
I should buy this photo of 
people's park
back when it was full of hippies
just in case
if my neighbor came
I'd have some stuff to show her

          I should clean up someday
          throw all this crap away
          what if somebody drops in?
          what if I make a friend?

I should buy this cowboy shirt
and a bolo tie
made of turquoise and leather
just in case
I leave my place
and go out to the city
or maybe I'll take plan B
looks like it might rain
and we're in for lousy weather
just in case
I should be safe
getting wet ain't so pretty

          I should dress up nice
          go out once or twice
          I don't want to be rude
          but I could use some solitude

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