Tuesday, July 18, 2017

the illusion of food

in these hard times
in this great land
it helps sometimes
to have a plan
no cash but I'm
in a hungry mood
in times like these 
all I have to eat
is the illusion of food

I have only ten dollars
for the grocery store
it buys less and less
all I want is more
I want full cupboards
a fridge of week old fruit
in times like these
a poor man needs
the illusion of food

          I want packs of pork Top Ramen
          generic mac and cheese
          widen those hips
          with potato chips
          white rice and pinto beans
          lots of ketchup on everything
          no, I don't think that's rude
          it's not enough
          I need more stuff
          I want the illusion of food

          food glorious food
          lately it's only for rich folks
          my life is but a stupid joke
          that's uncalled for and crude

in these hard times
in the USA
there's tons of food
that's thrown away
to some place where
it all disappears
hold on, mister
bring it right here
be a pal
hey, come on, dude
in times like these
I say pretty please
I need the illusion of food

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