Friday, July 21, 2017

song w/Tom Yager

she sees her destiny 
in the shape of clouds
she has faith in superstition
she gets her way 
with what's not allowed
her history is mostly fiction
her convenient loss of memory
a hand with no other's hand to hold
she swears she's not the enemy
I say can't you see
our love is growing cold

I see a fierce intent in her eyes
a highway drive
with an expensive toll
she cannot compromise
doll, you take first prise
but this shit is getting old
it's good you don't own a gun
it ain't no fun
no trace of amusement
while you're getting all fixed up
I get mixed up
totally confused and

          I am crossing into the opposite lane
          a car crash on a narrow road
          straight into oncoming headlights
          burning into my soul
          burning into my soul

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