Saturday, June 17, 2017

indoor cat

I feel so bad for you, old friend
staring out at the world
through a locked screen door
I wish every now and then
I could set you free
let you go explore
but that's not up to me
it's the ones that buy your food
they told me that
despite your longing to be free
it's not to be
you an indoor cat

your folks are on vacation
they're having lots of fun
flying the friendly skies
they're demanding and impatient
focused on fancy food
pomme frites, not French fries
leaving you at home once more
with another old pet sitter
who's eating all the chocolate in the house
I want to unlock the door
and let you enjoy the nightlife
catting around and eating filet of mouse

but, alas, you are a prisoner
of the bourgeois suburban life
trading freedom for cat food everyday
but I'm a very good listener
and I've got open ears
if you've got anything to say
don't run away and hide
I'm just sitting on this sofa 
made of fake wood and phony leather
come sit here by my side
and let me stroke your fur
and we'll watch Netflix together

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