Friday, June 2, 2017

working class dollar

you want a word with me?
well, just get in line
life's been good, you see
since I left my conscience behind
I found what I hoped I'd find
my hard-earned peace of mind
living off the working class dollar
putting on hold every caller
there's no need to holler, boy
you'll need to come back another day
look at all who I've befriended
wallets full and open-ended
and no want or need to spend it
it's all okay
the working class dollar will pay

you deserve more from me
than just a babysitter
I've posted all my thoughts 
under my hashtag on Twitter
you won't believe what I've got planned
try to ignore me if you can
'cause I'm living off the working class dollar
while my bank account's growing taller
there's sense to all this squalor
I'm only doing the people's will
if you trust me and my cronies
you'll believe all our baloney
buddy, this smile's sincere, not phony
and what's better still
the working class dollar is footing the bill

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