Thursday, June 22, 2017

summer comes

summer comes
ain't nothing you can do about it
even though you want thunderstorms
and hurricanes and snow
summer comes
you can try to ignore it
but summer's gonna follow you
anywhere you go
I know you feel bad, baby
and you don't want to feel good
but I know that you're thinking maybe
you ain't living life the way you should

summer comes
like a bonfire on the sand
near where the ocean meets the land
and old men with fishing poles
summer comes
with a snippet of a song
speeding by on a back road
full volume on the car stereo
I know you're feeling bad, honey
and joy's nowhere to be found
but wait till you hit the ground running
feet flying off the ground

summer comes
believe me
even though you can't believe it's true
it's still happening to you
summer comes

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