Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ancient song 3

inspired by a facebook post by Marsha Webb

I was awakened this morning
by the sound of coyotes
singing their ancient song
I needed to be
a little less lonely
so I nervously howled along
soon my voice was swallowed
by the big canine choir
as I tentatively made my way in
and as our voices climbed
higher and higher
I found I was one of them

I was awakened this morning
by the sudden departure
of the bus I was supposed to be on
I took it as a sign
of impending adventure
and that I should be moving along
and as I put on 
these old worn hiking boots
I tried not to think or look back
and I prayed for the courage
to find alternate routes that 
my spirit seemed to lack

I was awakened this morning
by an unfamiliar voice
and it wasn't the radio
whispering gently
that I had no choice
but to relinguish control
I tried hard to fight it
I tried to resist it
but it wouldn't leave me alone
I didn't know if it was God
or some kind of mystic
but it kept calling me to go home

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