Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Animal rights, climate change, pad see eu

You know, man, I'm sorry I keep talking about this stupid accident. I feel like I'm a broken record, just playing the same song over and over.

This accident has been the focus of your life for the past four months, farmboy. What else are you going to talk about?

Well, there's the state of the world, a surrealistic election, art, music, sports and films. There's literature, the environment, the Middle East, Taylor Swift, the news media, the popularization of podcasting, my inner feelings about my family and friends, and skyscrapers.

There's the value of solitude, the need for socialization among homo sapiens, the fate of the family farms, noise pollution, water skiing, cable television, wild versus farm-raised salmon, the latest cooking trends, wine tasting, the future of fossil fuels, the fuckin' economy, and quinoa.

There's aircraft carriers, racial issues, used Kleenex, hubcaps, potable water, BASE jumping, floor sanding, pottery, barbecued brisket, universities in Calgary, Alberta, national anthems, electric guitars, wooden decks on tiny houses, fountain pens, biscuits and gravy...

Now I'm hungry...

...The absolute lack of nutrition in student lunches, animal rights, climate change, pad see eu, computer keyboards, recycling, wheelchair maintenance, dogs, skateboarding, chutes and ladders, electrical outlets, spinach scrambles as opposed to omelets, asphalt and gravel, cement driveways, and the question of will Hamilton change the general perception of the Broadway musical.

There's rearranging living room furniture, Judd Apatow movies, socialism, marijuana culture, French impressionism, untuned pianos, Native American history, chocolate cupcakes, grocery stores, Twitter, wet paint, little villages in Italy where entire families live, the drug cartels in Sinaloa, and milkshakes with local berries.

There's big-box department stores, Wi-Fi, women's issues, incorrect punctuation, speed-walking, frozen bananas, stale popcorn, bedroom slippers, heroin, sleazy sex, tossed salads and scrambled eggs, doorknobs, English-speaking foreigners, bathroom reading, mineral water with fresh lemon, window blinds, agriculture, steel rails, and old, forgotten daydreams.

Okay, farmboy, you've made your point.

Now about the fuckin' accident...

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