Sunday, June 19, 2016

Solutions will come

I'm here at my brother's house. Couldn't hardly fuckin' believe it, man, I got out of my apartment, down the stairs, up the walkway to the street where I got into a car for the first time in ten months. Got to my brother's house; I got out of the car and was able to somehow get up the stairs and inside the house. Fuckin' amazing, man, this mobility thing. Another set of skills learned.

That's really good, farmboy. You've been doing a fair bit of problem solving in the past few months.

I know, right? That's, like, all I do anymore. Of course, there's been a whole lot of problems. All sorts of shit.

But you've persevered, farmboy. You've had to learn a lot of things with no preparation.

Yeah. It's interesting, you know. That's the part I kinda enjoy in a way. And I'm beginning to understand that I can do that, that solutions will come.

That's a pretty major breakthrough, farmboy, if I may say so.

Well, now I just have to remember it. It's all about not panicking, man. You just got to think a little bit.

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