Friday, June 24, 2016

It stays light until, like, 9:30 at night

This is my final night at my brother's house. I go back to the apartment tomorrow and then come back on Friday to house sit and feed the cats while they go to Maine.

Will you be there for the fourth of July, farmboy?

I will, yeah. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, but I'll be there.

You could have friends over.

I thought about that. I even called a friend of mine, but he and his husband are going away for the weekend. Maybe I'll talk to some other people. I don't know. I'm also afraid that it's gonna be hot and there's no air conditioning in their house.

It could be fun though...

It may happen, man. If nothing else, I may invite a couple other friends come over for supper sometime this weekend. But I know that they're busy on the fourth.

It's no big deal, though. I don't think I did anything last year. I like the fourth of July. I like fourth of July food.

Like potato salad?

I love potato salad and hot dogs and burgers and watermelon and that kind of stuff. I love summer. No fuckin' school, skies can be blue, and it stays light until, like, 9:30 at night.  Hopefully I'll be able to leave the house.

But no matter what, it'll be good. I think it's good for me to kinda go between my apartment and my brother's house right now. I love my apartment, but when you can't really leave it can get old after a little while. Plus I can always watch TV at my brother's place, which I don't do at home.

I worry about watching too much TV sometimes and I don't even watch that much TV. I thought you had a TV, farmboy.

I do have a TV. I just don't watch it very much.

Anyway, I'll be at my brother's for the fourth. Stop by if you can. It would be great to see you.

I just might do that, farmboy. Thanks for the invitation.

Any time, man. Hey, if you come over, bring some chips, okay?

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