Monday, June 20, 2016

Two dozen cups of espresso

Oh, man, I'm all fuckin' stressed out. I'm here at my brother's house and things aren't going real well.

What's going wrong, farmboy?

It'll pass, but I'm all anxious like I've drank, like, two dozen cups of espresso. It's all frustration, it's all little shit. Like I left my grabber at home -- that's the thing I use to pick up stuff since my legs have been fucked up. And, of course, I fuckin' drop everything.

There's some emotional stuff going with my niece and that concerns me. And financial stuff as well.  -- that's what started this whole thing off. And I'm having to deal with the lawsuit. I'm just all fuckin' kind of stressed out. I'm just feeling all kinds of pressure in my life right now.

So they're all problems that will pass, then.

Yeah, and I'm totally aware of that. And after talking to you I'm going to do nothing for a while. Maybe I'll listen to a podcast or something. I gotta get this crap out of my mind.

Good thinking, farmboy. Redirect yourself.

That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna try not to worry for the rest of the day. That's my goal.

Now all I have to do is not pressure myself to not worry. It's kinda a balancing act, if you think about it. Or something like that.

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