Thursday, January 12, 2017

always starting over

you can't get where you're going
if you're always starting over
you're gonna stay in one place
no matter how fast you run
you don't see the finish line
till the race is almost over
you're always starting over
and you've only begun

there was this childhood friend of mine
we called him crazy Jack
he'd say "I'm running away from home
and I'm never coming back
he'd fill up the ol' backpack
and swear that he was gone
then I'd see him the next morning
doing chores and mowing lawns

you can't get where you're going...

I had this credit card
maybe you can relate
I'd see all kinds of crap
and say "isn't this great?"
each month I'd pay the minimum
and think I was ahead
so I'd wake up the next morning, man,
and spend, spend, spend

you can't get where you're going...

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