Monday, January 16, 2017

Change in a heartbeat

So it's been the coldest fuckin' winter that I've ever been through, man. Good thing I didn't move to Vermont, huh?

Too cold for me, farmboy. I was raised in the Midwest and it was nothing but snow every winter. 

I don't actually remember being in snow until I was, like, eighteen. I remember being surprised that it was cold and wet. I guess I expected it to be fluffy.

So the bad part about this snow is that I haven't been out of the fuckin' apartment in over a week. I can't leave -- not with ice out there. If I reinjure myself I'm done for, man.

No, you don't want to do that, farmboy. You've got to be cautious.

Yeah, but it's the fuckin' isolation that's the killer. So I'm trying to keep everything calm and I've been pretty successful. I know that can change in a heartbeat, but I'm thankful that my mind's not being as emotional as it can be.

Smart idea. Just lay low, emotionally speaking.

I am. It ain't bad. I just gotta be calm, that's all.

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