Monday, May 22, 2017

2nd storytelling

Intro: description of looking out bedroom window and the majesty of the cliffs, the ever-changing mood of the ocean, the soft, lush shades of green that you see everywhere. Then I come to full attention and think: Damn! I'm in Ireland! How did I get here?

1. The past...needed at home...accident...before you know it, life changes and you get older.

2. Life throws me a curve ball with this accident, without which I would have never gone.

3. Going to Ireland and everything that threatened to stop it. I wake up the next morning and look out the window and remember where I am. By the end of the trip, I knew I'd have a lot more to remember.

Conclusion: I'd become friends with these new people, and I am feeling strangely emotional at our last morning meeting. I knew that I was going to miss everybody. But the past year and a quarter flashed in front of me, the remembering of how I couldn't walk. And it occurred time: I won. For once in my sad and wretched life I won.

Score one for me. 

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