Sunday, May 14, 2017

another round

trouble will come soon enough
trouble always does
trouble needs no reason
it answers "just because"
trouble will surprise you
at every twist and turn
with methods of malfunctions
and lessons you must learn

          so I appreciate
          when trouble's out of town
          time to celebrate
          let's buy another round

trouble gets all pissed off
if you start fighting back
so trouble exercises
and gets ready to attack
trouble believes it's ego
trouble strings you along
trouble thinks it's right
trouble's always wrong

          so I always throw a party
          when trouble's underground
          we're singing loud and hearty
          let's buy another round

I don't need trouble
and friend, neither do you
so move in
listen closer
I know what we can do
'cause trouble's causing trouble
yeah, trouble's second class
so let's throw trouble out the door
on it's high-falutin' ass

          so we'll sing another chorus
          I don't care how we sound
          trouble can't ignore us
          let's buy another round
          let's sing one last chorus
          for those before us who backed down
          trouble's looking for us
          let's buy another round

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