Monday, May 8, 2017

I'm here

I'm here
for all the good it'll do me
everyone will see through me
when I say I'm doing fine
I'm here
I'm making an appearance
I hope I'm not an interference
I know that I'm
not the kind
of man you hoped to find

I'm here
is it okay to leave now
I think I'll take my final bow
and head on out the door
it's clear
that I simply don't belong here
that I only can do wrong here
don't get too near
I'll disappear
but for now I'm here

          there's a starlit night
          there's the rising moon
          there's the stillness
          and silence
          safe in my room

I'm here
I've fulfilled my duty
give my freedom to me
and I'll be on my way
I'm sincere
I really should go now
 'cause, well, I don't know how
to ignore this fool in the mirror
the falling of a single tear
I don't know why but one thing's clear
I'm here
I'm here
I'm here

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