Monday, May 1, 2017

arrivals and departures

arrivals and departures
I am waiting for my flight
I'll be leaving in the morning
I'm arriving late tonight
I have gone through US customs
and they okayed me even though
I'm the one guy in this airport
they really ought to know

arrivals and departures
no one has the slightest clue
of the trouble I could cause
of the damage I can do
this is what I was born for
my whole entire life
if you believe in something 
you'll make the sacrifice

there is no one who will notice
as I board upon this flight
I am an American
my hair is trimmed
my skin is white
I work out so I look good
I stand five feet and eleven
tomorrow morning you can find me
enjoying life in heaven

arrivals and departures
attention everyone
I mean everything I say
and I got myself a gun
now I am the pilot 
listen close to every sound
this is all god's plan
I am taking us
I am taking us

Dublin Airport, Ireland

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