Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My mind hasn't adjusted yet

How are you doing today, farmboy?

I'm depressed because I have to work. (laughs) My mind hasn't adjusted yet to the idea that winter break has ended. It's really strange, you know, when your fuckin' emotions are as out of control as mine.

I know this is all bullshit. though. It's just amazing how fuckin' strong the feeling is. I'll be okay. It just takes time.

And a good night's sleep.

Yeah, well, I'm pretty damn good at sleep. It's amazing how good I am. I had a great night's sleep last night. I love sleep.

That's good, farmboy. It's easier to work when your body's feeling good.

And your mind?

They're both connected.

Cool. I know what you mean, man. After seventeen days of being a lazy bum, it's a little hard to just snap to attention the first day. We all -- my coworkers and me -- had the same problem.

So there will hopefully be some improvement tomorrow?

That's what I'm hoping, man.

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