Thursday, April 26, 2012

Always the same question

Friday's almost here. It's amazing, man. Every week is like the one before. It's like, by Sunday night I'm depressed because Monday is here and the hope of the weekend is gone. But, by fuckin' golly, Friday's almost here again! It'll all be great until Sunday afternoon, when I get depressed again.

Have you ever heard of living for the moment, farmboy? You may want to try it some time. Sunday afternoon might not seem so bad.

Easier said than done, my good interviewer friend. At least it is for me. I fuckin' anticipate things way too much. With always the same question: "What if -- fill in the blank -- happens?" Man, I tell you, fear rules my life.

I thought guilt ruled your life.

It used to. Now, not so much. For now, that is. Guilt could come back to reclaim its crown at any moment. But for a while now, fear has been the big boss. Pisses me off.

But, anyway, does it all matter? Not today! 'Cause today, man, today is Thursday and there is light at the fuckin' end of the fuckin' tunnel, man!

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