Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kind of nothing

Man, I'm tired and I'm boring. I just thought I'd see how you're doing.'re you doing, man?

Doing pretty okay, farmboy. Can't complain. How about yourself?

I told you,man. I'm fuckin' tired and I'm fuckin' boring...


I feel like I've said every word, thought every thought, and that everything from here on out is a fuckin' rerun, you know? And I know that that's not true or anything, but...fuck. I feel like I need to fall asleep so I can wake up refreshed, unafraid to start the day.

Are you afraid to start the day, farmboy?

Uh,, I'm...vulnerable in the morning, man. Pisses me off. I wake up, I don't want to go anywhere, least of all to my fuckin' job. I want to be safe at home, under the blankets, next to the radio and my iPod. But no,, I have to get up and take a shower and shave and get ready for another day at work. But lets not think about that right now.

What do you want to think about?

Kind of nothing. My mind is tired. I want to play online games, you know, word games and stuff. I want to get away from me for a little while.

Which I what I'm gonna do, I think. Play games or search the internet of read Reddit. And then I'll go to bed and fall asleep.

And then you'll wake up refreshed, unafraid to start the day!

Man, I ain't promising nothin'.

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