Saturday, April 14, 2012

Empty canvas

It's the weekend! And not a moment too soon, I may add.

So what's up for this weekend, farmboy?

Not too fuckin' much, man. The weekend is an empty canvas and I alone hold the paintbrush. Which means that I'll probably go to my brother's house and wash my clothes. I'll probably play guitar some, and spend way too much time on the internet. 

But tonight...Man, I fell asleep about 7:30 or so,and woke up about eleven o'clock. Hey,, why is o'clock called o'clock? Is it Irish or something? Don't pay any attention to me. I'm stoned and I'm just fuckin' babbling. 

You've earned the right, farmboy. Will I hear from you this weekend? I'd like to catch up a little. I know you've been writing lately.

Yeah. Don't know if I'm gonna get something out of any of it. Too soon to tell, you know?

Anyway, yeah, it would be nice to talk more this weekend. I hope you're doing good, man. I hope you're having some fun. 

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