Saturday, March 4, 2017

crying uncle

I haven't cried yet today
this may be a world record
for a man whose life is troubled by
a history that's checkered
by mistakes and miscalculations
and an endless need to change the station
watch your step, man, goodness gracious
this ain't no push or shove

I haven't been upset today
that's one day in a row
for a man who's been up for one hour
only 23 hours to go
give me morphine
give me liquor
anything to numb me quicker
what don't make you well 
just makes you sicker
it's no substitute for love
let me up, I've had enough
I'm crying uncle

I haven't been mad today
but I'm setting up the trial
I'm lying to myself right now
and living in denial
don't make me laugh
don't make me cry
don't tell me your excuses why
I ain't looking for no alibi
I'm packing up my stuff
let me up, I've had enough
I'm crying uncle
I'm crying uncle

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