Friday, March 31, 2017


I would like to be at peace
just to feel what it's like
to not have to do battle
with the voices in my head
all this racket needs to cease
go out and find some open mic
play loud noise that rattles
and let me live in peace instead

what a world this would be
if I only were at peace
I'd take up watercolor painting 
and live out on the coast
I'd paint landscapes of the sea
and my stress would be released
there'd be no more complaining
only marmalade on toast

          and world problems and the blues
          couldn't reach me from afar
          'cause I'd never hear the news
          and share my views from NPR

but that's all just a dream
and I live in the real world
danger hides around the bend
and it's itching to be free
but peace is sweet like ice cream
for men and women, boys and girls
so if peace should come, my friend
let it begin with me

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