Friday, March 17, 2017

I'm sorry, God

I'm sorry, God
that every blessing that've given
gets covered with shit
from me
I can't seem to take
anything going right
so I try with all my might
to find anything that won't let it be
'cause anything good 
is undeserved by me

so I'm sorry, God
I'm not taking it for granted
in fact, I'm pretty pleased
by this life
it's just that I 
can't let myself shake
that I'm not a mistake
that joy is something
of which I have no right

        all I have to guide me
        is this hunger inside me
        and needs that will never be filled
        I need the inspiration
        for a good foundation
        and something off which
        I can build

I'm sorry, God
I see all that you've given
but there's my inability 
to love
but I swear
I'm gonna try harder
to notice what
this world's made of
I'm hoping it will be enough

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