Monday, March 27, 2017

messed-up mind

it doesn't matter, does it
it was nothing but wasted time
I thought hope was here but it wasn't
damn my messed-up mind

you'd think I'd simply ignore it
but I've left common sense behind
now I'm forced to bow down before it
damn my messed-up mind

          give me my life back
          I can't help myself
          quiet all this noise within
          call county mental health

I got a big lunch box of bottles
my prescriptions have been refilled
I got lots of whiskey shots to
wash down all my pills

I've taken tons of photos
of this world I'm leaving behind
my sum is less than total
damn my messed-up mind

          lexapro for lethargy
          knots of nervous energy
          razor blades on the bathroom shelf
          suicide hotlines
          any help that you can find
          call county mental health

I've run clear out of answers
there's nothing left to find
that'll end this mental cancer
damn my messed-up mind
damn my messed-up mind
and it happens all the time
damn my messed-up mind

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