Saturday, March 11, 2017

In a nervous kind of way

Man, I've been working on telling my story all fuckin' week. This is such a different experience for me.

How so, farmboy?

It's mores personal than musical performances usually are, at least for me. This is so fuckin' personal, man. 

And it's not a musical performance. I'd be more comfortable in a musical performance, that's for fuckin' sure.

So how do you think you'll do?

I'm getting better. I'm treating it like it is a musical performance, in a way. I'm just rehearsing over and over and over. Practice, man. There's no substitute.

So I'm in a good place as far as the performance goes. I'm even kinda looking forward to it, in a nervous kind of way. 

Adrenaline, man. Ain't no substitute for that, either.

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