Thursday, March 30, 2017

I tried, Jesus

I tried, Jesus, I tried
I swear I tried as hard as I could
I really tried not to be selfish
I always strived to be good
I prayed like nobody's business
I even wrote you a song
so, pray tell, sweet Jesus
why did I turn out wrong

I cried, Jesus, I cried
I cried me a waterfall
I cried loud and long and lonesome
I cried, but nothing happened at all
except my glasses got dirty
and I had to change my shirt
which was soaked with pain and self pity
and a lifetime of hurt

I prayed, Jesus, I prayed
like Daniel in that old gospel song
where he prayed each morning and noon 
and evening all day long
I prayed with all the rituals
that came with my OCD
but sometimes I have the feeling
you're not listening to me

I tried, Jesus, I tried
but my efforts always fail
I'm like the black dog of depression
chasing its own tail
I know I'll keep on trying
it's what I always do
but I could use some divine
intervention from you


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