Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gonna be so worth it

So yesterday while I was busy doing nothing at my fuckin' job I worked a bunch on the CD. It's good to see everything written out, you know. Anyway, what I learned was that if I were to do it as bare bone as necessary while still having some semblance of quality it would still turn out really good. Which is great to know, 'cause money, you know...

I know, farmboy. $3000 really isn't a lot to spend on a recording.

Yeah, but it's enough and I'm thankful for every cent I got in the Kickstarter campaign, believe me. I think it's gonna be good. I'm getting more of a handle on it, man.

Glad to hear it, farmboy. Let me ask you, are the new songs going to be on the CD? I have all these question, if you don't mind.

So far, yes, the new songs are gonna be on the CD. But it's early.

What else did you want to ask?

Is there a title for the album? What do you hear as far as instrumentation? What's been your biggest frustration so far?

So far the title is Use Your Words. But that could change, There's also going to be a companion CD for folks who donated money called You vs. Goliath.

Instrumentation? Basic tracks will be me solo, or with bass, or with percussion and bass. Then solos and flavoring will be played on slide guitar, pedal steel, harmonica, and violin. There will be female harmony on some songs, and a couple may or may not be on piano. We'll see. There will be piano on one song for sure, "Imperfect Prayer."

Oh, good. I like that song a great deal.

I think that song will close out the album.

I really believe in this album, man. It's gonna be a lot of work but it's gonna be so worth it.

Thanks for talking about it, farmboy.

Thank you, man, for giving me an ear to bounce ideas off of. You're more help than you know. It's good just to talk about this stuff, and it's sure a lot better than talking about depression or mental illness or money problems all the time.

Plus it's just a lot of fun. You know?

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