Friday, November 11, 2011

Which is a luxury

Man oh man, I tell you, this is day one of a three-day weekend, and I've done nothing, man. All I've done all day is smoke weed and hashish, sleep, work on the CD, practice songs for the CD, and listen to podcasts. And, okay, I masturbated, I looked at nekkid women on the internet. I bought take-out Thai food...

Mmmm. What did you get, farmboy?

I got Pad See Eu with beef, medium heat.

Sounds like a good day to me. How does it feel to you?

A little claustrophobic, because it's been dark and cold and I know it's rained some. Yesterday was sunny, and a friend of mine said "This will be the last sunny day for a while," and I'm thinking that maybe he's right. It's sad sometimes, this fuckin' Pacific Northwest. One of these days, man, I'm gonna move back to good ol' Austin, Texas where barbecue is both a style of cooking and a religion.

But it's been restful, it's been good. Working on the CD was good. Practicing was really good, it was fun.

So how's your day been? You got me used to just talking about me, which I don't like. Sorry.

No need to be sorry. That's why I'm here, to hear about your life.

By the way, it's been a good day. It's been restful for me as well. Sometimes a little too restful.

I know what you mean, man. Parts of my day actually were, like, boring. Which is a luxury, I know. Having that kind of time, I mean.

Hey, I'm gonna have some Pad See Eu. Want some?

I just ate, farmboy, but thanks anyway.

It's good stuff, man. Medium spice, not too hot.

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