Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You remind me

Damn, man, I'm so fuckin' tired and there's so much to do. I'm a broken record, man -- I just complain and complain over and over about the same thing. Work, tired, sleep repeat.

And you're making an album.

And I'm making an album. That's the difference, you know that? And I'm still working, you know, I'm practising, I'm planning. I'm thinking, man.

Where are you at with the CD now, farmboy?

I'm at the same point, which is not a bad place. I'm working on getting ready to record the demos, I'm playing the songs and still getting acquainted with the newer songs. I've also been doing some writing, but not enough. I'm pretty satisfied, though.

You know, man, I talk talking with you 'cause you remind me about who I really am. Like tonight I was all tired and shit but you got me thinking about the album and life seems a lot better. Thanks, man.

You're welcome. And thank you. That's really nice to hear.

Damn, you know, life throws so much fuckin' bullshit at you it's easy to forget what your real priorities are. Like for me, it's music, it's making this CD. That's what everything else is for.

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