Saturday, February 25, 2012

All that rehearsing paid off

You're back! How did it go, farmboy?

It went well, as far as I know. I'm fuckin' exhausted, man.


All that rehearsing paid off. It took up half the time I thought it would, so there's a savings. It was because there were a lot of first takes, which is because I rehearsed these songs day after fuckin' day. Which is to say, practicing works. I still need to practice these songs, although I may take some kind of break tomorrow.

I think it went well, man. I'm still in kind of a daze over it, or maybe it's just the disbelief that it's done.

How were your performances?

Boy, they seemed sorta ragged at the time, but I think they're okay. I haven't heard the recordings yet, so I'm just going by what it felt like at the time. Which is strange, 'cause your mind is concentrating so fuckin' hard on the performance, you know?

This is why I need a producer.

But it all went good, man. The engineer, who is a friend of mine, was comfortable to be around, and I like the studio. It's homey, which I like. There's, like, Native-American stuff, which I also like. The price is good.

One thing I gotta say, man, is that I'm kinda knocked out by the support of people. I posted on facebook that I was going into the studio for the first time in eight years. Nervous? Oh no, not me.


Man, within ten minutes my post got six responses. And they just keep coming! The encouragement is just tremendous and, man, it makes me feel so good.

Glad to hear you say that, farmboy.

So it's been a good day.

Sounds like it.

I'm just feeling good that I did it, you know? And this is just the first recording session...

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