Sunday, February 12, 2012

This watching movies thing

Oh man. The weekend's over. Oh, well.

What did you do this weekend, farmboy?

Not a fuckin' thing, man.

That's not true. You had to do something.

I rehearsed, I thought about the instrumentation on the CD. I worried about money. I went to see my brother and his wife and kid, my niece. I saw the movie Moneyball on DVD.

Was it good?

Yeah, well, I enjoyed it. I thought it was really well made. I loved what they did with the scenes of the games, which is that they would cut most of the sound out. Here you are, in this crowded stadium with thousands of people cheering, and all you might hear is the crack of the bat hitting the ball. It was really effective, man.

I need to do this more, this watching movies thing. It's good for me to be exposed to stories, to characters. I mean, I know I get that in music and books and podcasts and shit, but it's good to do something, uh, concentrated like watching a two-hour movie.

Aren't you on Netflix now that you have a new computer?

Yeah. See, it's like the perfect opportunity. All I need is more waste-able time. And a greater attention span.

It's --movies, I mean -- it's a resource that I don't often think about. And I think I will.

And that will come out in the writing.

Yeah, that's the purpose of fuckin' everything -- to get digested and condensed down to songs. It's true.

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