Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm lonely

I'm lonely
everyone is everywhere
and having a good time
except for me
I'm here feeling bad
about this fuckin' life of mine
well, I'm not gonna let this happen
self-pity just ain't my style
it's just that I haven't seen happiness
in such a long, long while

I'm lonely
I sure could use a friend
I was kinda hoping it would be you
I only
need a place to lay my head
I've got a bad case of the blues
well, I'm not gonna let it drag me down
I'm gonna cross it right off my list
I ain't gonna cry or ask for reasons why
I'll pretend that the blues don't exist

          I'm living in denial
          that's my current neighborhood
          I'm living in denial
          and it sure feels good

I'm lonely
but I got my common sense
and it tells me the steps I should take
maybe I'm homely
maybe being without you
was my once-in-a-million mistake
well, I can't let this rule my life
I know I ain't that dumb
except for my stupid decision
of not admitting you were the one

I'm lonely
I'm lonely
and it looks like I was wrong
I'm lonely
I'm lonely
singing the same old same old song
I'm lonely
please help me
I know now it was you all along
hey, I'm lonely
I'm lonely
woe is me

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