Tuesday, March 8, 2016

this is where we live

the flapping of wings
the rustling of leaves
mother nature's hiding
something up her sleeves
the howling of wolves
the barking of dogs
the cry of a seagull
through the new morning fog
I was there
so were you
like we never do
accepting all time has to give
this is where we live

grizzly bears growl
crickets chirp
bees buzz in flowers
and continue their work
rattlesnakes rattle
peacocks squawk
babies laugh and cry
and somehow learn how to talk
you were there
so was I
in search of a lullaby
never asking how or why or if
this is where we live

          there is nothing
          we ought to fear
          close your eyes
          open your ears
          life never really
          we are here

the crashing of waves
where the sea meets the shore
the whistling of wind
as it pushes the door
the crackling of fire
as it wipes out the dark
the beating of
your heart
your heart
we are here
you and me
to some kind of symphony
as we breathe
in and out
out and in
this is where we are
underneath a million stars
this is where we live
this is where we live
this is where we live
this is where we live

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