Thursday, March 24, 2016

like quicksand

I don't remember it starting
it just always was
it's like I kept asking why
and it answered "just because"
I tried to lift myself up
but I kept sinking down
like quicksand

mom drove me to the doctor
I was all of seven years
the doctor asked me questions
he said "look what we got here
I think this boy is nervous"
gave me pills to turn me around
but it pulled me in 
like quicksand

          the harder I fought
          the further down I fell
          down down down
          to a place I knew too well
          I cried out for mercy
          but silence answered back
          while the enemy grew stronger
          and ready to attack

somehow I grew older
how I did I do not know
punished by emotions
that didn't know which way to go
burying me deeper, man
deeper underground
like quicksand

I won't sacrifice my soul
though sometimes I fear I might
I'm broken and I'm tired
but I can't give up the fight
most times I think it's winning, though
and I believe I'm going to drown
like I'm in quicksand
it's like quicksand

and I'm up to my neck...

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