Thursday, March 3, 2016

kilometers of kindness

(Thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda)

man, I don't know 
what I'm gonna do
lyin' here in rehab 
while my legs refuse to move
so I'm using my head instead
dreamin' of the outside
from a hospital bed
where I lay every day
while the hours burn away
I ain't sayin' it's okay
but what can I say?
it is what it is
and I do what I do
strengthening my muscles
while my faith pulls me through
but it's a whole lot more
than the likes of me
watching the Gilmore girls on TV
see, I got friends and family
they're my guardian angels
and they're looking out for me
someday soon I'm gonna make it out of here
and I'll see everything crystal-clear
and I'll be in my comfy bed back home
no longer living in the twilight zone
but I'll remember that I'm not alone
with the kilometers of kindness I have known
the kilometers of kindness I have known

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