Monday, March 21, 2016


I am a schoolyard in the dead of winter
I am all covered up with snow  
but listen closely and I'll tell you
a thing or two I believe you ought to know
like you should see me in September
when the summer heat is coming to an end
those rugrats, they be raising up a ruckus
those rugrats, every one is my good friend
I'm in my glory when school starts up again

I am a schoolyard and I can hear them running
like they always do at this time of year
jumping, yelling, bursting with excitement
I can always tell when football season's here
now, I know they're only k through 5 and shorter
but in their hearts it's next year's super bowl
parents worry and sometimes with good reason
but they're playing with all their heart and soul
broken English and their mama's Espanol

          and I know that they're not all that innocent
          with problems I may never understand
          I would never tell them that old sad truth
          that the world's hardly ever Disneyland

I am a schoolyard and I see all kinds of students
short and tall and stocky and rail thin
this is corny but I see them as my children
learning hard to face this world that they're in
come December and temperature's a-falling
there's holidays and Christmas carols to sing
Santa Claus and pissed-off dads a-calling 
but me, I'm here just waiting for the spring
I'm here waiting for spring

I am a schoolyard in the dead of winter...

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