Friday, March 25, 2016

you won't be there

when the sun is shining
I want to be alone
with the windows shut
and the curtains drawn
in this mess I call home
smoke some weed 
and drink some wine
and collapse into sleep
and if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord to keep

me away from people
who are naturally kind
'cause I'm the kind of asshole
who always speaks his mind
and my mind is angry
and my anger never leaves
but I don't want anyone
to be catching my disease

          don't tell me that you love me
         .don't tell me that you care
          'cause I know when I turn around
          you won't be there

I saw you in a parking lot
but I wouldn't let you see
the unforgiving failure 
that's become of me
you walked into the 7-11
and I wanted to follow you
but I had a hint of sanity
say it's what I should not do

          don't tell me that you love me
          don't tell me that you care
          'cause every time I turn around
          I know you won't be there

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