Sunday, April 23, 2017

happy I'm here

I had a good night's sleep
in a Dublin hotel
from 5 p.m.
till 9 in the morning 
the coffee is strong
and my spirits are well
with Donegal waiting before me
I don't like planes
and I'm scared to travel 
it's safety I crave
'cause my nerves unravel
but I'm standing brave
on this gray bus bench gravel
I'd usually be shaking in fear
but today I'm happy I'm here

my life in the states 
is best left unmentioned
my default setting
is stuck on bad luck
my anxiety's screaming
demanding attention
and that's why my life sucks
but I'm not addressing
those problems today
they're all so depressing
I'll throw them away
I'm all through with messing
with the whole USA
and Guinness is my favorite beer
today I'm happy I'm here

in a couple of days
I'll see Matt and Nancy
and meet a bunch
of new songwriting friends
I'll look at a world
I normally can't see
postcards nobody could send
and I'll take in as much
as my soul will allow
my heart will be touched
by the musical sounds
as I place my trust
in the here and the now
raising a pint in good cheer
today I'm happy I'm here
every worry has learned
that it must disappear
today I'm happy I'm here

Dublin, Ireland

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