Friday, April 7, 2017

right now

right now the voices are not talking
buzzing in my brain like a billion bees
I'm walking a precarious tightrope
between normal and emotionally diseased
I'm not used to my mind this quiet
not attacking and abusing me
I know it's just a break
but I'm grateful for the time I'm free
right now
right now

right now the wind is rough and chilly
there's a scent of open chimneys in the air
right now my skin needs the crispness
of wind where there once was hair
drive me to the ocean
back to my old hometown
where life was free of the memories
of how all the shit went down
I don't need that
right now
right now

but that's of no concern today
I'm even beginning to feel a little pleasant
so I savoring every microsecond
of living in my non-depessive present
I'm sure in a while I'll be back to myself
where I'll pay for my mind in the clouds
but, man, ain't that sunset beautiful
that's all that matters right now
right here in the hear and now
my mind is clear
right now
I don't need to disappear
right now
I'm just here 
right now
I'm just here

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