Sunday, April 30, 2017

nothing but lies

sitting in the shadows 
with shades of sorrow in your eyes
like you're imposing on the world
simply by the fact that you're alive
your parents beat you down
and kicked you around
and kept you down
and cut you down to size
and no one ever told you
they controlled you 
with nothing but lies

I don't know how it feels
when the ones you're supposed to love
are filled with hate
and blame you for their empty lives
and you're the alibi for their mistakes
you weren't allowed to hope
your mom and dad made sure you wouldn't try
and nobody ever told you
that they sold you
nothing but lies

you came into the classroom
you couldn't even look me in the face
your clothes hid the bruises
but the truth is
they'll never be erased
but you deserve life and love
and more than to merely survive
in a world where no one told you
they tried to mold you
with nothing but lies

I'm required by law,
as your teacher, 
to call up DPS
why no one contacted them before
is anybody's guess
but I know firsthand the warning signs
through I've tried to block them 
from my mind
you can come in from the cold
where they told you nothing but lies
if you look inside your soul
you'll know they told you
nothing but lies

Dublin, Ireland

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