Monday, April 10, 2017

inconsequential celebrity gossip

it's a fine line between genius and whacko
and I should know
I used to work in motion pictures
a long, long time ago
when everyone still smoked tobacco
and worked towards a common goal
now it's all turned into
inconsequential celebrity gossip

I was a guy on the lighting crew
I looked like a Cuban Sinatra
I worked with bulbs twice as hot as Mojave
a long, long time ago
and if you were a star I would shine one on you
with your date and your chaperone
now it's nothing but
inconsequential celebrity gossip

          remember me?
          my name is Pete
          and I worked in Hollywood seven years
          with directors that do not have names like Scorcese
          who use language that'll make you cover your ears

it's a long way from L.A. to New Hampshire
but it's my only home
my family came to its soil
a long, long time ago
I don't miss that factory town
that's for damn sure
but it sure was great while it lasted
before it became
inconsequential celebrity gossip

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