Wednesday, April 26, 2017

put me to sleep (rewrite)

put me to sleep
sing me a lullaby
with vials of morphine
entering my veins
put me to sleep
I'm not yet a butterfly
I'm an ugly old caterpillar
yearning to change

I just want to rest
get me my medicine
I need something stronger
to calm down my nerves
watch some TV
I miss David Letterman
giving those morons 
what they deserve

          put me to sleep
          any way you know how
          I'd do it myself
          but I don't know how

put me to sleep
unplug the machinery 
I'm tired of struggling
to breathe through the night
put me to sleep
you don't know what this means to me
soon I'll be history
and I'll be all right
nurse, do one more thing 
please turn off the light

Gleanncholmcille, Ireland

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