Saturday, April 8, 2017

you grow everywhere

Inspired by a Facebook post by singer/songwriter Chris Kokesh

you're driving on the 405
through Los Angeles
vehicles are slowing down
and it's making you pissed
and it feels like everything you do
is just the same dead end
soon you're thinking
any sense of progress is pretend
well, my friend
you can't defend
that like your car,  your life 
is going nowhere once again
it's just bad luck 
you're only stuck
soon you'll be somewhere
where the traffic doesn't suck
no matter where you are
there's no need for despair
life's always changing
you grow everywhere

you're growing when you're miserable
believe it or not 
you're growing when the moon is full
and your attitude is shot
you're growing like a daydream
that's decided to come back
you're growing like a wildflower
through a sidewalk crack
you're right on track
it's a natural fact
that your soul's always shining
like a brand-new Cadillac
no matter where you are
let the wind blow back your hair
life's always changing
you grow everywhere

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