Thursday, April 27, 2017

I ain't running anymore

after a lifetime of running around
like a chicken without a head
it wasn't till I met you that I finally found
a new way of living instead
I've been alone almost all of my days
that's been completely my own damn choice
but since the first time I heard you calling my name
I look around for the sound of your voice

          I always stood by 
          the bright red exit sign
          or behind an open door
          but once I saw you
          you've taken over my mind
          and I ain't running anymore

I once thought that trouble was my middle name
in letters you can't erase
now it's a new game 
I don't feel the same
and I know now that's not the case

          I always believed 
          life had tricks up its sleeve
          but now I disagree, that's for sure
          but once I saw you
          each day feels like Christmas eve
          so I ain't running anymore
          no, I ain't running anymore

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