Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I saw a snail

I saw a snail
in her shell on a rocky wall
I waited for the snail to move
but she wouldn't go nowhere at all
it was a beautiful snail
with a shell of orange and brown
I even wrote it a haiku
but I forgot to write it down

I saw a snail
relaxing on the side of the house
I've never relaxed in my entire life
maybe the snail could teach me how
maybe I could bribe her with snacks
maybe I'll write her a song
I could take a few polaroid photos
but I forgot to bring my camera around

I saw a snail
the most beautiful snail of all time
if I wanted to see it forever
I'd have to keep it in my mind
I don't need to record this, I thought
I don't need it on Facebook to see
maybe this snail is best as a memory
to pull out wherever I need

Gleanncholmcille, Ireland

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