Friday, December 2, 2011

Backwards and forwards

Hey, farmboy, what have you been up to? It's been a couple of days.

I wrote some stuff. I emailed it to you.

Yes, I read it. You've got some good ideas there.

Thanks. I'm going to have to look through it. There may be some stuff I can use in other things. This writing stuff, man, it's hard fuckin' work. I mean, it's definitely worth it, but it's hard. Probably like lots of other things.

So what have I been doing? I'm focusing my practice sessions on the three songs for the CD that are the most demanding, guitar-playing wise. One's ragtimey, one's bluesy, and one's kinda swing-like. And that's working well, so far. I want to become intimately involved with these songs.
(laughs) I really want to know them, backwards and forwards, for when I record the demos.

Sounds good, farmboy.

I think it's going well. I need to contact the recording studio and see if I can record the demos during winter break. Maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be some snow days so I won't have to go to work and I can stay at home and work on my music. That would be so bitchin'.

Bitchin'? I haven't heard that old term in years.

It's coming back, I hear.

Anyway, snow, I love 'em. A few years ago it snowed so much that we got three days off and I didn't leave my apartment until Christmas eve. My brother drove over here and picked me up, which was amazing 'cause there was so much snow.

I think about how much work I could do on the CD if I had that time.

But you are working on it...

Okay, then maybe I just want the time off so I won't have to go to my fuckin' job.

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